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What Makes Lab Flooring “Green”?

At Freestyle, we’re committed to changing lab flooring and the flooring industry as a whole, to better help our environment. With this intent, we’ve developed innovative flooring solutions that have sustainability first in mind. In a world where global warming and other environmental issues are hot topics – our company is doing our part to […]

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Common Problems Solved With Lab Flooring

Laboratory flooring has a very particular market.  Because of the specific needs of a lab environment, we’ve invested time into learning about the common problems laboratories find with their flooring. Not only has our team complied a list of the most common problems, but we’ve created innovative floating floors that can help solve the problem. […]

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Choose Floating Floors for Laboratories

Laboratories are interesting environments to care for due to their sensitive nature. Being cautious of every material that enters the room is important because it could alter the delicate balance necessary for a lab setting. When it comes to choosing flooring, floating floors are ideal for laboratories. Our BioLock interlocking flooring provides all the durability […]

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How Lab Flooring Improves Performance

Performance is everything in industries that require laboratories. It only makes sense that they have the right equipment to complement their work and professionalism. Lab flooring makes a significant difference in performance. SelecTech offers many types for a variety of needs. Once you find the best option, your performance is sure to get better.   […]

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The Flexibility of Industrial Interlocking Flooring

When working in an industrial setting, you have so much more to worry about than if your floor is going to withstand heavy use. For example, in a kitchen, you need to know that your floor isn’t going to stain or wear down if food is spilled on it all day long. In a manufacturing […]

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Floating Floor Installation

Traditional flooring can be tedious and time-consuming to install. First, someone must come in and take up the old flooring, leaving behind residue from adhesives and other hazardous solvents. Once this is removed, you may need to repair any cracks or irregularities in the subfloor before you can even put down the new floor. Finally, […]

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Routine Maintenance for Your Lab Flooring

One of the characteristics many of our clients love about our flooring for labs is that it is extremely durable and requires minimal maintenance to keep in pristine condition. That being said, routine cleaning is the best way to help keep your floors looking and feeling brand new. The wear layer on our tiles is […]

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Why FreeStyle is Perfect for School Labs

Similar to choosing flooring for a lab in a workplace, school lab flooring should have many of the same considerations. FreeStyle Flooring is a great option for any official seeking out the perfect solution for their students and professionals. Here are some of the benefits our flooring can provide your academic building. Dirty and wet […]

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