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SelecTech is committed to reinventing the flooring industry with eco-friendly, sustainable solutions. With this intent, our customers can count on the following criteria:

Maximizing recycled content

SelecTech, since its beginnings, has been the leader in recycling waste plastics into innovative, cutting-edge flooring products for an array of industries from laboratories to salons. Our products help to maximize recycled content and provide an outlet for waste materials generated by the flooring industry.

Cradle-to-Cradle Recovery

To honor our mission, we’re determined to keep our products out of landfills. Our engineers have worked hard to ensure that all products developed by SelecTech are 100% recyclable back into new SelecTech products.

Download our Cradle-to-Cradle Reuse Program brochure for more information.

Elimination of Adhesives

SelecTech products are designed to dramatically reduce installation requirements as well as eliminate the potential for solvent emissions from adhesives. Our products are certified MAS green which ensures low VOC emissions.

Our mission is not simply to do good, but to be the leader in the effort to improve the world, so that others will follow.