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Routine Maintenance for Your Lab Flooring

lab flooring

One of the characteristics many of our clients love about our flooring for labs is that it is extremely durable and requires minimal maintenance to keep in pristine condition. That being said, routine cleaning is the best way to help keep your floors looking and feeling brand new. The wear layer on our tiles is durable, but not indestructible. Here are a few maintenance tips we suggest to help minimize the chance of damages:

  • Utilize walk off mats in doorways and entrance ways when possible
  • Sweep or vacuum to remove loose debris and wipe clean with a wet mop
  • Use Johnsonite Stride™, GP Forward™ or another equal product following the instructions
  • Only use red pad or mop for maintenance- never use black or brown pad on FreeStyle flooring
  • Pick up leftover cleaning solution with a wet or dry vacuum, auto scrubber, or mop
  • Allow for flooring to dry thoroughly

In addition to these regular cleaning tips, we understand that some extra elbow grease might be necessary to get your floors back into tip top shape. Here are a few more suggestions we have for spray buffing:

  • Use a 175 r.p.m machine and appropriate spray buff pad- no high-speed buffers
  • Always sweep or dust to remove surface dirt before buffing
  • Be sure your flooring is clean and dry before completing any buffing
  • Use Johnsonite Stride™, GP Forward™, or another equal product and use as directed. Spray a light must of SNAPBACK™ Floor Maintainer to a small area and buff using a red buff pad.
  • Turn over the pad often to prevent build up
  • Avoid buffing in one place for too long to avoid potential burn marks

Our floating floors have been an ideal solution for many of our customers, and we would love to tell you more about our simple maintenance and how to protect your FreeStyle Flooring for years to come.

With more questions about our Biolock interlocking flooring, please contact our team at FreeStyle Flooring today by calling (508) 583-3200.