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Why FreeStyle is Perfect for School Labs

Education Flooring

Similar to choosing flooring for a lab in a workplace, school lab flooring should have many of the same considerations. FreeStyle Flooring is a great option for any official seeking out the perfect solution for their students and professionals. Here are some of the benefits our flooring can provide your academic building.

Dirty and wet shoes won’t impact its integrity

With hundreds upon thousands of students walking on these floors every year, you will need a flooring solution that is designed to withstand that usual wear and tear or can be easily replaced in the rare instances when one or two tiles are damaged by a significant impact.

It can withstand the effects chemicals and other foreign materials

Of all the experiments and interactive work completed in a school’s lab, there are bound to be students who spill liquids and other abrasive materials. It’s important to choose a flooring like FreeStyle that is designed for these environments and can be protected from further damage.

They are liquid-tight and resistant to mold

Having so many students and staff members means providing a flooring that is easy to clean and maintain. Fortunately, FreeStyle’s flooring tiles are liquid tight and are mold resistant, which is ideal for school labs and ensuring a healthy and safe building for all.

It is slip-resistant and is comfortable to stand on

The comfort and safety of those in your school building are a top priority, and choosing a floor to accommodate those needs is essential. Our flooring can help prevent some of the slips often caused by water and other liquids, and our interlocking, floating floor system and built-in underlayment provides an extremely comfortable under-foot feel.

Lab flooring has never been easier than it is with us. We would love to explain the additional ways our floors can contribute to LEED points and can be an ideal and affordable solution for buildings with problem or moisture subfloors.

With more questions, please call our experts today at (508) 583-3200.