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Lab and Healthcare Flooring For Temporary Facilities

During these uncertain times, the country is seeing temporary labs and medical facilities being built across the states.  While functioning as a traditional facility, it can be challenging to find proper equipment in a makeshift environment, especially when it comes to healthcare flooring. At SelecTech, we are leaders in the manufacture of innovative flooring products […]

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Characteristics of Great Lab Flooring

Scientific research and study can quickly be interrupted by many outside factors. For that, we must eliminate the possibility of our presumably controlled variables interfering with our work. Although often overlooked, your lab flooring can either be a disruptive factor or a factor that works for you. When considering flooring options for your lab environment, […]

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Why VOCs Are a Significant Consideration with Laboratory Flooring

At FreeStyle, we’ve created an innovative design for laboratory flooring that eliminates the need for adhesives. With the elimination of adhesives, you’re removing the potential for solvent emissions. What does this mean to the integrity of your lab? VOCs are a common element in laboratories, from ethanol to acetone, formaldehyde to acetonitrile, there is no […]

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Routine Maintenance for Your Lab Flooring

One of the characteristics many of our clients love about our flooring for labs is that it is extremely durable and requires minimal maintenance to keep in pristine condition. That being said, routine cleaning is the best way to help keep your floors looking and feeling brand new. The wear layer on our tiles is […]

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What Commercial Tile Can Offer Your Showroom

Of all the commercial flooring options out there, FreeStyle’s interlocking tiles is an ideal choice for many. They are environmentally preferred, commercially rated, easy to install, and come in a variety of colors. We are so confident in our product that we can list just a few of the many reasons they will improve your […]

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What to Look for in Commercial Flooring

With so many commercial flooring options to choose from, FreeStyle wants to be sure you make the best decision for you and your business! To help out, we’ve come up with a few characteristics to search for in your floor shopping endeavor. Durability When you work in any commercial setting, the foot traffic is very […]

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Where to Use Industrial Tile?

It’s not every day that you hunt for industrial vinyl tiles for your commercial space, and FreeStyle’s SelecTile interlocking flooring might be the perfect answer for your business. FreeStyle flooring options are not only created with recycled materials (MAS Certified Green) and come in a variety of colors/finishes – they are also an ideal addition […]

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