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Interlocking Adhesive-Free Tiles

Save Time and Money With Little Disruption

SelecTech is proud to be the innovator of the first interlocking flooring products that require no messy adhesives or extensive downtime. By eliminating extensive subfloor preparation, our simplified and convenient installation process translates into a cost-efficient flooring system that provides a multitude of benefits with little to no disruption to your facility.


Ideal for commercial and industrial industries including:

  • Medical and Healthcare Facilities
  • Chemical Laboratories
  • Cleanrooms
  • Biosafety Laboratories
  • Electronics Laboratories
  • Flexible Laboratories

Highest Quality with the Environment at the Forefront


  • Made from 70% recycled content
  • 100% Recyclable and 100% Reusable
  • Meets CA 1350 indoor air quality protocol
  • Certified MAS Green which guarantees low VOC emissions
  • Contributes to LEED points. Possessing these points or certification indicates an organization exhibits environmental consciousness, which can potentially equate to tax credits or exemptions. For more details, visit our LEED brochure.


Endless Benefits


  • Commercial grade flooring
  • Liquid-tight seams
  • Transfers electrostatic charge from a person to the flooring protecting sensitive equipment.
  • Worry-free, easy maintenance with no-wax finish
  • Quick placement over problematic subflooring
  • Enhanced ergonomics
  • Excellent sound reduction properties
  • Tiles can be removed and reused
  • Variety of colors and patterns for any environment


If you’re considering new flooring for your laboratory environment, be sure to visit our pages on FreeStyle BioLock Interlocking Flooring and FreeStyle ESD by StaticStop for more information on innovative, eco-friendly, budget-friendly solutions that will work for your needs and requirements.