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The Flexibility of Industrial Interlocking Flooring

When working in an industrial setting, you have so much more to worry about than if your floor is going to withstand heavy use. For example, in a kitchen, you need to know that your floor isn’t going to stain or wear down if food is spilled on it all day long. In a manufacturing […]

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Why FreeStyle is Perfect for School Labs

Similar to choosing flooring for a lab in a workplace, school lab flooring should have many of the same considerations. FreeStyle Flooring is a great option for any official seeking out the perfect solution for their students and professionals. Here are some of the benefits our flooring can provide your academic building. Dirty and wet […]

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Why Other Popular Flooring Materials Don’t Cut It

If there is one thing that FreeStyle hears a lot about our lab flooring, it’s that it’s not like any other on the market. There are plenty of more traditional flooring choices out there, but they just don’t seem to do the job right for those seeking out durable, waterproof materials that won’t cost an […]

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What Does “Water Tight” Mean?

As a company that specializes in creating ideal lab flooring and for other similar settings, FreeStyle receives plenty of questions about the characteristics about our water-tight flooring. While working with our customers, we want to provide them with the best and most accurate information possible, and for that reason, we want to describe what “water-tight” […]

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