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What Commercial Tile Can Offer Your Showroom

Explosives Factory Flooring

Of all the commercial flooring options out there, FreeStyle’s interlocking tiles is an ideal choice for many. They are environmentally preferred, commercially rated, easy to install, and come in a variety of colors. We are so confident in our product that we can list just a few of the many reasons they will improve your current showroom.

Professional and clean aesthetic

Let’s face it: as a store owner or manager, you want to leave a lasting impression on your guests as they walk through your door. One way to quickly change the way your store looks and feels is by investing in a quality floor tile that can match up.

A maintainable flooring solution

Every store has a cleaning routine that takes place after the doors close, and our FreeStyle flooring is ideal and easy to work into your schedule. It is waterproof, chemical resistant, stain-resistant, handles up to 550 PSI point loads, and is ADA slip-resistant.

Comfortable walking surfaces

There is a reason so many different businesses, such as hair salons and other retail stores, have invested in our FreeStyle flooring, and one of the biggest is comfort! Our flooring has a prominent foot-feet feel, and you’ll soon realize the difference between standing on hard tile versus standing on our interlocking floor.

A beautiful display

Depending on your services or products, you might have displays set up around your store, and FreeStyle is the perfect flooring solution. Our interlocking tiles can be ordered to fit your space, and that includes an average room-sized display. It will help customers conceptualize your products in their home, and might even aid in the sale.

Quick and simple installation

Did we mention our tiles are interlocking? That means they are fitted to your showroom with minimal subfloor prep, no downtime or disruptions, and is immediately walkable. FreeStyle is so easy to install; you can even do it yourself!

With more questions about out commercial floating floors, contact the experts at FreeStyle today by calling (508) 583-3200.