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Characteristics of Great Lab Flooring

lab flooring

Scientific research and study can quickly be interrupted by many outside factors. For that, we must eliminate the possibility of our presumably controlled variables interfering with our work. Although often overlooked, your lab flooring can either be a disruptive factor or a factor that works for you. When considering flooring options for your lab environment, it’s crucial to not only prepare for the replacement process but also to consider the factors that benefit you.

In this article, we’ll highlight four of the tops elements to consider when choosing the ideal laboratory flooring for your needs.


Easy reconfiguration

Although there are several characteristics that excellent lab flooring should provide, easy reconfiguration is one of the most important. Labs need the ability to easily accommodate a change in a product line, equipment, or other elements. Sometimes, these changes require an update with the flooring system. With BioLock, you’re empowered with a solution that will provide your lab just that; easy reconfiguration. Unlike epoxy, our floating floors require little downtime and no harsh adhesives.


Low maintenance and easy cleanups

Cleanliness within a lab environment has zero room for compromise. Thus, solutions that enable requirements to be met with ease are ideal. With properties such as low maintenance, no-wax finish, and waterproof seams, you have the perfect lab flooring.

Spills happen, and in a lab they need to be addressed quickly. With BioLock, liquids remain on the surface of the floor, providing peace of mind that potentially harmful substances can be entirely cleaned. Furthermore, the worry of chemicals seeping into the subfloor will no longer be a concern.


Ergonomics for your employees

Whether you’re seated or on your feet all day, flooring makes a difference. By providing a flooring system that is built for support, you can provide your employees with ease from tired feet and back pain. Beyond those two essential features, BioLock also provides slip-resistance and sound reduction qualities to benefit the workplace further.


Little to no downtime during installation

Time is money, and every business operates to make money. Thus, having a flooring solution that requires little to no downtime during installation or modifications is essential. By investing in an interlocking flooring system like BioLock, you can expect just that. Our floors can be installed around your projects, ensuring optimal operating efficiency during installation.


laboratory flooring


When considering the different varieties of lab flooring available, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the choices. However, if you keep your needs and priorities first in mind, you’ll realize that FreeStyle will provide your lab with everything you’ve been searching for, if not more. For more information on our innovative line of lab flooring solutions, contact our team today at (508) 583-3200.