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ESD versus Non-ESD Flooring for Labs

When it comes to choosing flooring for labs, there are many elements to consider.  For example, the type of lab and work being done is a significant consideration.  Laboratories and clean rooms have strict guidelines concerning the cleanliness and operations within the room.  Whereas a salon or educational environment will have leaner guidelines.  Here at […]

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Benefits of Commercial Floating Floors

Choosing flooring for your commercial space can be a daunting task. You want it to be durable, but also visually pleasing. You also want to consider the installation process. Do you want something that glues down, or something more easily changeable? At SelecTech, our FreeStyle flooring is available in a variety of styles, so we’re […]

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What Does Healthcare Flooring Need?

Healthcare flooring has its own set of needs and requirements that are different from flooring at other types of businesses. Take a look at what to keep in mind in choosing healthcare flooring. Healthcare flooring needs to reduce the number of slips and falls people can take. This means that when the floor is wet […]

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The Benefits of SelecTile

There is a reason that we promote SelecTile as one of the best flooring options available. Take a look at its benefits, and you’ll realize that it’s worth using for your next project. SelecTile is composed of vinyl tiles. Vinyl is a preferred flooring material for a number of reasons. Water and stain resistant. These […]

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We’ll Be at the Commercial One® Convention!

SelecTech recently shared exciting news about joining Commercial One® as an approved vendor and how we will begin showcasing our flooring products to its dealers and customers. That being said, we are excited to announce we will be attending the AHSG and Commercial One® Convention in Indian Wells, CA October 23-24, 2017! We will be […]

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