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What Does Healthcare Flooring Need?

Healthcare flooring

Healthcare flooring has its own set of needs and requirements that are different from flooring at other types of businesses. Take a look at what to keep in mind in choosing healthcare flooring.

Healthcare flooring needs to reduce the number of slips and falls people can take. This means that when the floor is wet or dry, it should still have a good amount of friction to keep people upright. While most people can regulate themselves, you need to consider the elderly or people who aren’t able to guide themselves efficiently.

The flooring should be able to be cleaned easily. This is not just for aesthetic reasons, but also so that any bodily fluids or other contaminants spilled on the floor won’t infect patients or staff. You never know what’s going to happen in a healthcare facility, so the flooring needs to be ready for anything. Vinyl floors have some anti-microbial properties, or you can look for flooring specially designed to stay sterile.

Healthcare employees usually spend all day on their feet. You’ll want to make sure the flooring is comfortable for standing and walking for eight hours or more. When your staff is comfortable, then they’ll be able to make the patients more comfortable as well.

The flooring should have little to no effect on the air quality of the healthcare facility. Clean air is essential for those with compromised immune systems, such as the patients of any healthcare business. The flooring should also be able to be cleaned without harsh chemicals that could harm patients.

Take a look at vinyl flooring for your healthcare facility. Besides meeting the standards of healthcare flooring, these types will also provide some benefits that can help staff and patients alike. You can design the floors to have patterns that relax patients or provide subtle guidance of where they should go. You can make sure the gloss of the floor is set to an amount where it won’t blind people with reflections or suggest that the floor could be slippery, but still look clean and sterile.

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