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Why Should School Flooring Be FreeStyle?

What do healthcare, industrial, retail, and school environments have in common? They all could benefit from installing FreeStyle flooring here at SelecTech. As the new school year gets underway, we ask you to take a hard look at the current flooring in your educational facility. Could you benefit from new school flooring? Read on to […]

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The Importance of Sustainability  

These days, it seems like the push for sustainable solutions is making its way across all industries. From Starbucks eliminating straws to plastic bags being banned in entire cities, environmental consciousness is at the forefront of many organizations. Being environmentally friendly is a goal for most organizations. We can help you achieve that goal with […]

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Why Problem Subfloors are Not a Problem for Us

If there is one thing FreeStyle Flooring knows, it’s that investing in the best flooring for labs is often more than buying the materials. On top of the fact you often must follow strict guidelines when purchasing flooring for a controlled environment like a laboratory that leads to more expensive flooring options, you must deal […]

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