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Why Problem Subfloors are Not a Problem for Us

Electronics Manufacturing Flooring

If there is one thing FreeStyle Flooring knows, it’s that investing in the best flooring for labs is often more than buying the materials. On top of the fact you often must follow strict guidelines when purchasing flooring for a controlled environment like a laboratory that leads to more expensive flooring options, you must deal with the unknowns under your existing floors.

Depending on the condition and material of your subfloor, you could be spending thousands of dollars preparing for your flooring option to be laid. That added labor and material cost can set you far over budget. With so many businesses out there looking for solutions to these common problems, FreeStyle Flooring has the answer.

Our interlocking tiles are created with a patented backing that is the perfect resolution for many of the standard subfloor troubles our client’s face. We are the only flooring with no disclaimers against high-moisture, irregular, or problem subfloors. Our tiles cause minimal disruption to your workspace and can be installed professionally or by your team.

On top of the great features, we offer a subfloor of nearly any condition, our interlocking system also provides other significant benefits for lab flooring, as well. Our floors are easily installed, removed, and re-installed, perfect for labs that must move locations in the future. Paired with our adhesives, our floors can be water-tight and provide the best protection against bacteria. FreeStyle also has a great underfoot feel, which is ideal for employees who are on their feet all day.

Choosing a material that provides you with great benefits for your lab is one thing, but also finding a flooring that will cause minimal disturbances to your employees and services is another. Problem subfloors will always be an issue that exists for any business owner, and FreeStyle Flooring will eliminate those concerns.

With more questions about our products, call our experts today at (508) 583-3200.