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What Does “Water Tight” Mean?

As a company that specializes in creating ideal lab flooring and for other similar settings, FreeStyle receives plenty of questions about the characteristics about our water-tight flooring. While working with our customers, we want to provide them with the best and most accurate information possible, and for that reason, we want to describe what “water-tight” means.

Our decorative, interlocking, resilient floor is known for having a water-tight feature, which is ideal for many healthcare and sterile environments. It is also proven to be useful to access floors where the protection is required but practicality needs to be kept in mind.

FreeStyle offers Freestyle SeamSeal, which is an application that provides invisible under-seam, water-resistant, mold-resistant, and mildew resistant surfaces. After being vigorously tested for wet labs, FreeStyle has found that SeamSeal did not allow leakage even after heavy equipment, and tool dropping occurred on the floor.

SeamSeal can be walked on immediately after use but is recommended to allow for 8 hours before general foot traffic and 24 hours before heavy foot traffic, including equipment. Tiles remain incredibly easy to remove and can be resealed using the same application process.

FreeStyle understands that commercial businesses are always searching for the best solutions for their flooring needs, especially when it involves the health and wellbeing of employees and others who enter their spaces. Our team continuously works to improve our designs to provide the best floors for potential liquid and water spills to ensure that indoor air quality continues to be held to the highest standard.

Having a liquid-tight vinyl flooring option has allowed professionals of many industries to use our products to their advantage, and FreeStyle would love to explain to you all of the reasons our water-tight flooring is perfect for top surface moisture concerns.

With more questions, please contact FreeStyle today by calling (508) 583-3200.