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Choosing the proper flooring for an office environment has a significant impact on the satisfaction and productivity of the employees. A comfortable floor with excellent acoustics provides a quiet and pleasant workspace. Also, having an aesthetically attractive office cannot be achieved without a great surface.

Noise levels, design, and comfort all influence work productivity and help reduce stress. Any facility should ensure they have a comfortable, attractive floor that reduces extraneous noise to optimize employee efficiency. Studies have shown that workers in noisier offices have increased absences and spend more time on sick leave. Color usage in an office is crucial as this choice can influence employee moods.

Installation time should also be taken into account when choosing a floor for an office. Significant amounts of downtime can result in a loss of potential revenue. The flooring should be able to be installed quickly so business operations can continue without complication.

FreeStyle has the experience and the products to provide the best flooring solutions for these settings.  

FreeStyle products frequently used in these environments include:

FreeStyle Vinyl, the most often used material in these settings, provides a surface that maintains well and has an attractive finish. Our interlocking system is installed with ease over any existing subfloor, which minimizes downtime and installation costs.
BioLock BioLock is comfortable and comes in a wide variety of colors. Along with its high-quality acoustics, these features lend themselves well to office environments as they aid employee comfort and productivity.