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Lab and Clean Room Access Flooring

Data Center Flooring

Laboratories and Clean Rooms work to achieve and ideal environment for all employees and personnel who will be using the space. A sufficient environment includes specifications like proper air control, comfort, internal organization, and more. Access floors exist to let you access the materials and equipment located underneath your work space without the complication of digging into a subfloor.

Finding flooring that can work well over access floors can be tough. Buyers are first searching for a portable flooring solution that can be removed for access and then replaced after without the worry of the tiles shifting.

These floors must also be durable, maintainable, and aesthetically pleasing. There are soft surface or carpet options on the market to utilize for access levels and minimal hard surfaces that do not require a glue or adhesive. Hard surfaces are often less likely to wear, are easier to clean, and for many are the preferred flooring option. Finding a product that can obtain all of these qualities is rare and can prove difficult to find.

FreeStyle has the experience and the products to provide the best flooring solutions for these settings.  

SelecTech products frequently used in these environments include:

FreeStyle Vinyl, the most often used material in these buildings, provides a surface that maintains well and has an attractive finish. Our interlocking system works exceptionally well over access floors because tiles can be easily removed and replaced on top of an access point without disrupting the surrounding area.
FreeStyle DigiTile This product has all of the benefits of our FreeStyle flooring with the added ability to print images directly on the tiles. This technology allows for a highly customizable and personalized flooring option for your business.
SelecTile SelecTile industrial-grade flooring solution is built to take a beating. In industrial environments, an extra-durable surface is needed to withstand force from things like heavy fork trucks, vehicle traffic, or high-impact testing. This interlocking tile product is built specifically for this type of abuse, and can be easily replaced or repaired.
BioLock This product comes in a wide variety of colors. It has a soft-foot-feel and has excellent acoustic properties. It provides a safe and cushioned surface, and is naturally resistant to damage from gouges and scuffs, and can come as an interlocking tile system.