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Two Unexpected Benefits of FreeStyle for Lab Flooring

lab flooring

Our team can go on and on about how our floors have helped benefit businesses all around the US for their easy installations and unique interlocking system. We can’t help but talk about it because it’s the best answer to many problems facilities like laboratories face when looking for new accommodations. In all of our time helping customers choose the perfect flooring, we have come to know some of the benefits many clients didn’t realize until we explained them! Here are two unexpected benefits we think you should know:

It’s ideal for leased spaces

Putting down a permanent flooring solution is costly and takes time to complete, which is less than ideal for those who are renting out their laboratory space. FreeStyle Flooring provides the perfect alternative. Not only does it mean you will face less downtime for installation and it’s affordable, but it’s also as effective as permanent flooring solutions and can be taken with you when you decide to move facilities.

It can be placed over carpet

Whether you are limited to carpeted rental spaces, or you found a lab that meets all of your criteria aside from the flooring, FreeStyle is a great solution. Our interlocking system makes for easy installation over carpets without the hassle of removing them. This means that if and when your rental agreement ends, you can take your flooring with you and not have to worry about replacing their flooring underneath.

Flooring for your labs should be water-resistant, stable, durable, and offer a surface that can be easily cleaned. FreeStyle is one of the only flooring lines on the market that can provide these characteristics without breaking the bank or requiring a complete renovation to install. We would love to show you the FreeStyle difference.

With more questions about our lab flooring options, please contact the experts at FreeStyle today by calling (508) 383-3200.