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FreeStyle Perfect for Hospitals

laboratory flooring

FreeStyle flooring was created with unique properties that make it an ideal lab flooring option, and hospitals are beginning to notice these benefits. Both Brigham & Women’s Hospital and Kaleida Women’s & Children’s Hospital have invested in FreeStyle flooring for different reasons, but their needs and challenges overlapped in many areas.

Brigham & Women’s Hospital utilized FreeStyle’s BioLock for their MRI room. For their particular case, this MRI room had an access floor system which required the convenience of removing the floor installed over their subfloor panels. BioLock’s interlocking system allows for an easy installation, removal, and reinstallation of each tile, an ideal solution! Better still, the required Gauss lines were embedded in the tiles to give them both accessibility and compliance with safety standards.

Kaleida Women’s & Children’s Hospital was searching for an environmentally-friendly flooring option that could be easily installed to minimize downtime. FreeStyle Flooring was quickly installed by their maintenance team over their old tile floors. Plus, FreeStyle is made with 50% recycled materials, and our interlocking system prevents the need for adhesives and VOCs.

On top of providing these great qualities for their individual needs, our FreeStyle Flooring also has benefits that help both overall! Our flooring can utilize a waterproof seal, which makes FreeStyle one of the only liquid-tight vinyl flooring options out there that is still removable and replaceable. This will prevent mold growth and other contaminants from threatening the health of employees and patients.

FreeStyle’s floors also provide a comfortable under-foot feel. As a flooring with a durable backing, employees, and patients will appreciate what this “softer” material has to offer while remaining extremely durable.

Flooring for labs, clean rooms, and hospitals has never been easier with FreeStyle Flooring. Since 1993, FreeStyle Flooring has been dedicated to solving flooring problems business professionals face in a variety of industries.

With more questions about our flooring, please contact the experts at FreeStyle today by calling (508) 583-3200.