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What Does Great Lab Flooring Provide?

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It’s truly not every day a business is seeking out great commercial lab flooring, but FreeStyle knows you
want to work with the best flooring companies to make the most responsible decision for your employees and company. Have you been wondering what a great lab flooring will provide your business? Our experts can think of three extremely important properties.

Provides sanitized surfaces

Labs are known to work with materials that might have a negative impact on our health if not cleaned properly. Not only do you want your labs to have simple maintenance, your labs should also have liquid-tight vinyl flooring to provide the hygiene and microbial resistance on top of and underneath each tile.

Durability against chemicals and abrasions

With so many fields that require labs, there is a change that harsh liquids and other potential damages could happen to your flooring, which can delay your usual production and potentially harm others. Seeking out a flooring option that will provide stability and longevity will only prevent interruptions and save money down the line.

Slip resistance

The safety of your employees should always be your primary concern in any work setting, and lab flooring often requires some form of slip resistance. Having this ideal characteristic in a floor will provide the protection necessary to prevent injury from accidents and spills that will inevitably occur.

Luckily, there are commercial floating floors out there that can be installed easily, sealed, and provide your labs with the protection and characteristics they need to help you succeed like FreeStyle flooring. Our tiles add value and provide the selection to make a smart, financial investment for your business

With more questions about how simple our installation can be, or to learn more about the ways we have the perfect flooring solution for laboratories, call us today at (508) 583-3200.